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Non-piloted flying bubble hotel

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Non-ploted flying bubble glamping

A propeller with a diameter of 0,5 - 1 meter at an engine speed of 4000 rpm develops a vertical thrust of 400 - 800 kg. With an increase in the engine speed - 300 k.

A flying platform for air glamping with a diameter of 6 meters develops a thrust from 6 tons, with a diameter of 10 meters - from 12 tons.

Larger flying platforms are modularly assembled and provided with built-in flying wind dams.

Flying disc and  unmanned flying courier and cargo robots.

In a picturesque place in the mountains is a bubble hotel. Each living spherical room is a comfortable place to relax and non-pilot flights.

A compact version of the round room: equipped with a wide deck chair, located under a transparent dome, non-piloted, controlled from a single center, performs user commands to visit the indicated places on the map, from a smartphone or touch panel. The shape of the berth is adjustable from a smartphone or touch panel.

An extended version of the residential module is a block of several capsules under a common dome.

Bubble Hotel's flight modules are equipped with a computer and internet.

The power unit of the flying bubble room is charged at the required frequency in an automatic unmanned mode (or charging options are used on the ground).

In future permanent magnet energy sources may be  used, which are designed for a year and a half of uninterrupted operation.

The guest of the flying bubble hotel, at his request, is located on the base territory, or flies over the mountains and lands to live in the wild in the vicinity of the hotel.

The base area may contain ground or flying infrastructure, for example, a flying pool and spa (or several - one above the other), a flying amusement park, restaurants that are served by various unmanned devices. (These objects are based on power flying platforms).

For individual and group walks in the air, guests can be provided with compact flying sun loungers (or flying discs for flying while standing), also controlled from a smartphone or touch panel.

Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, drinks, camping fireplaces, umbrellas, hammocks, etc., etc. are delivered to the client in a flying spherical number upon request at the indicated location with a service unmanned module.

Shower and toilet are separate capsule modules, fly to the client on demand or accompany on a trip; fly away for disposal in a special place.

Tourists get the opportunity to travel comfortably and safely, by air , through difficult-to-reach mountain areas, which are  hard  to travel on foot or using well-known means of transport.

The power supply of the flying spherical rooms is carried out from a network of wind and hydro-dams with automated refueling points for unmanned power units, or by means of compressed air accumulators and others.

Food is produced  on the ground  or in the air in compact, highly productive Bio-energy complexes that receive energy from networks of wind dams.

Park of flying sun loungers at the foot of the mountain

Nice trip and beautiful view from the flying room

Traveling in the flying bubble camp in the mountains and delivering dinners, compact outdoor fireplaces, equipment, etc.,  in an automatic unmanned way.

Forest flying camping

Modules for comfortable ground and air rest

Flying scooters

Flying ski lifts and winter houses

Flying country-seat

Power flying and generating platforms


Energy excess flying object that provides itself with energy according to the principle of a flying wind dam. Combined functions of a power flying platform and a wind farm. Energy is accumulated in the form of compressed air. For unlimited flight time extension. 

Platform element

 Flying platform with an area of ​​1 sq. Km