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Offer to customers and investors from IRETS group

Negative Power Consumption, Non-Stop Aircraft Infrastructure


IRETS Group proposes to implement an economical and highly profitable option of non-stop energy & transport infrastructure of negative energy consumption, located in the air and / or on the ground. 

The infrastructure is based on the use of excess energy of high-altitude winds to generate electricity, heat and other types of energy for the purpose of life support for people and charging electric flying devices for vertical take-off and landing. 

Non-stop flight technology is based on a number of key points. These key points are implemented in such a way as to reinforce each other and thereby achieve the best combined properties and characteristics. 

One of the key point of the technology is a fundamentally new Bondarev Power Propeller (BPP) with unparalleled characteristics and properties. BPP operates in three modes: wind generation, horizontal thrust (with supersonic speed) and excess vertical thrust (due to the formation of a supersonic cumulative jet). BPP shows the world's highest efficiency (up to 99 %). BPP does not create braking vortices and is not destroyed at high engine speeds (while adding of a number of design improvements) . In the vertical thrust mode, the BPP  is non-overturning. This makes flying highly stable, all-weather, unhindered in any climate and landscape.  The non- overturning property of IRETS vertical thrust elements makes it possible to make any flights guaranteed to be stable and safe, unmanned, and therefore easily controllable through mobile devices. 


Infrastructure facilities:

- flying platforms with a combined function of wind generation and non-stop flights for residential and industrial purposes;

- flying vehicles for individual / group movement with a vertical take-off and landing function;


- technology for replacing thrust elements in the air for the implementation of non-stop flights of individual / group flying vehicles


Investments in IRETS pilot modells

A rough minimum estimate of technological parameters and costs is given.

Costs values,  trust and power values will be increased.

The exact cost is determined by the terms of reference and estimate.


FLIP model



It is enough to sell the first model at the prices of well-known electrical objects, see the Appendix below.Mass-produced devices are much cheaper.


Models of flying power generating platforms

Cellular modular systems


1)  Supply of power plants at a price of 1000 USD per kilowatt of installed capacity, which makes for the indicated options: 1 - 7.2 billion USD

2) Air taxi services

3) Serial production of flying cars, hovers, scooters, etc.

4) Flying houses

5) Outdoor elevators for high-rise buildings

6) Production of flying mountain lifts

7) Flying hotels and amusement parks

8) Unmanned robotic freight and courier logistics services

9) Flying construction equipment

10) Rescue services

11) Agricultural sector

12) Other


Electric aviation facing a constructive limit of 1 hour Almost all models of electric aircraft, gyroplanes, hovers, passenger drones, etc. known today, made in Europe and Asia, have design limitations of propellers and batteries, which does not allow to increase  average flight time by more than one hour, and the flight speed - more than 100 - 300 km / h. Also, these aircraft have well-known weather and climatic restrictions. 

Aircraft / eVTOL


Flight time


Lilium Jet 7 , 7 passengers,range of flight 300 km

speed  300 km/h,  Germany


1 hour

2,5 million


Jetson One  Switzerland


20 minutes

92 000 USD

eHang 184 from EHang , 160 km/h,

1 passenger, non pilot


Capitalization 1 236 620 928 USD

23 minutes


Hundreds of thousands of


AIR ONE   1 pilot, 1 passenger,



10 million USD

1 hour

250 km/h


HT Aero от XPeng Motors, Quadcopter



500 million USD

30 minutes

130 km/h


XPENG 1024 от XPeng Motors, China



500 million USD



X2  от XPeng Motors , 130 km/h, Cina


35 minutes


ASKA  transformer automobile/eVTOL



789 000 USD

V1500M from Futoflight, range of flight 250 km, speed 200 km/h , 4 passengers, China


1 hour 10 minutes


Craft Aerospace range of flight 1600 km, speed 555 km/h, USA


 3 hours


Cavorite X5 from Horizon Aircraft, 5 passengers, range of flight

500 km, speed 350 кkm/h, Canada


1,5 hours