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Wind as energy of future

Energy of the future: what will replace oil                        

TV report

A unique development has appeared in Russia, which over time will push the oil monopoly into the background. The inventor from Russia created a unique device that can literally receive energy from the air as efficiently as possible.

The inventor Leonid Alekseevich Bondarev has been engaged in alternative energy for a decade and a half. He deliberately violated all the rules of aerodynamics and received a fundamentally new propeller. These are not three blades with thickenings and narrowings for streamlining, as in a classical windmill, but a cone of eight blades. At the heart of each is a half of the Relo triangle, which is curved in the right way.

The prototype is made of thin composite material, and in the future its thickness will be only a few millimeters, because it does not matter. Another thing is important - the new form has a valuable side effect: lateral wind flows no longer go sideways, even now they turn the screw.

“This wind head feels the wind at a speed of one meter per second, which is two to three times less than usual,” says Leonid Bondarev.

The development has already become interested in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. A wind generator, no worse than a diesel, supplies the headquarters tent with electricity. According to Bondarev, it takes only one hour for paratroopers of the Tula Division to deploy the generator.

Such a windmill is suitable for domestic purposes. Specifically, this prototype model has a power of two kilowatts. Five hours of screw operation is enough to completely provide the country house with electricity for a day.

Bondarev has already calculated - if you put such windmills on Lake Baikal, where very powerful winds blow, they will be able to provide energy to half of Siberia.