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Bondarev wind generator


Leonid Bondarev, violating all the canons of aerodynamics, developed his own type of wind generator, which has an extremely high efficiency, since it has the ability to start at the slightest gusts of wind (starting from 1m / s).

The inventor has a scientific degree and has been developing in the field of wind energy for a decade and a half.

Its development was distinguished by a violation of the traditional shape of the blades. The Bondarev windmill has a special blade shape - the curved half of the Reuleaux triangle. Their number was also increased, instead of the classic three blades, there were eight of them.

Such deliberate violations in the design of the classic wind turbine led the inventor to an amazing result. The windmill of Leonid Bondarev is capable of generating electricity at very weak gusts. Due to the special shape of the blades, crosswinds now also contribute to its operation. Also, an important plus is the absence of a requirement for the thickness of the material of manufacture, since this is unimportant during its operation.

“This wind head catches the wind at a speed of 1 m / s, which is several times less than is usually required,” says Leonid Bondarev.

The Russian Ministry of Defense showed a natural interest in the Bondarev wind generator, since this development is capable of replacing a diesel generator and has a number of advantages. Firstly, it is economical, and secondly, it is compact. The inventor assures that one hour is enough to turn the windmill around and connect the command tent to the power supply.

At home, Leonid Bondarev's wind generator can also be effectively used. The prototype presented by the inventor has a nominal power of 2 kW * hour, which makes it possible to fully provide a private house with electricity in five to six hours of operation.

Bondarev also calculated and reports that if wind generators of this type are installed in places where there are constant powerful winds, for example, on Lake Baikal, then a significant part of Siberia can be supplied with electricity.

We hope that our hero will be able to elevate Russian-made wind turbines on the world market with the help of his development.