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Creation of power flying platforms

The Bondarev power propeller not only provides high horizontal and vertical thrust, but also serves to obtain wind energy. 

By combining these three functions, we obtain a power flying platform that continuously receives energy from the strong currents of high-altitude winds surrounding it.

This will allow you to get an aircraft with unlimited time and full flight autonomy.


General  information

The platform can be used in any climatic zones of the Earth including Antarctica.

The platform has propellers of a fundamentally new design, allowing you to achieve the required characteristics, and most importantly - autonomy, with minimal costs (compared to traditional approaches)


The goal

Creation of a working prototype at a scale of 1:1 to demonstrate the possibilities and further production of platforms in series


Expected result

Production of multifunctional, controlled platforms and devices for movement in space, which have a number of advantages in comparison with traditional systems


Other applications of the platform

In agriculture (irrigation, fertilization, etc.), in special operations, monitoring of remote objects, for regions with low temperatures (up to minus 60 C), when examining an emergency zone, taking samples of air, water, soil, hovering in the air and monitoring at a stationary position, delivery of life support, medicines, emergency medical care and emergency evacuation, group and individual (heli-boarding) ski lifts for skiing, etc.

Planned parameters of the platform

All-weather use, electric motors, platform dimensions 3 x 3 meters. 

It is possible to immediately work out the issue of modularity (connecting platforms into larger groups), as well as a model of a flying platform with built-in wind power plants at heights with industrial winds, for autonomous power supply and unlimited time flight (additional funding and time are required)

Time parameters of the project

Prototype construction time is 10-12 months


There is a well-coordinated team to perform all stages of work

Work, demonstration and transfer of the sample are planned to be carried out in Russia.

Today the legislation is actively changing according to current trends.

Now it is possible to fly to heights of up to 150 meters (in the Russian Federation) on these types of aircraft.

Possibilities of "conflicts of interest" reduced to zero.

Dual-use issues are excluded due to the technical features of the civilian version.