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Long / Unlimited Time Flight EVTOL - 

the new approach and principle

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Flight stable,  unmanned, spacious, all-weather and climate,  long range, supersonic, with a flight time from several hours or days to unlimited, controlled from a smartphone aircrafts

How to overcome the fatal barrier of 1 hour flight duration ? 

Drones, gyroplanes and electric aircraft can not...

Still cramped, low speed, weather dependent, short-distance and time (1 hour) flying

With investments in startups from a half to one and a half billion, the flight time for 2021 is from 20-30  minutes to 1 hour.  An air taxi with a flight time of 3 hours is being developed at the end of 2021 (Jetson One. Lilium Jet, XPENG 1024, XTURISMO, others)

Small, large and giant LTF/UTF  EVTOL based on Bondarev power propellers


The Bondarev propeller  is compatible with engines at high speeds from 6000 - 24000 rpm (for electric motors) and allows

  1. reduce the cost of flights of small aircraft to the cost of traveling by car or commuter train,
  2. due to the formation of a supersonic flow - increase the flight speed to 500 km / h up to supersonic,
  3. due to excessive vertical thrust, they are able to carry backup batteries intended for long flights
  4. It is possible to replace the accumulators in the air by robotic pilot
  5. provide stable flight low above ground and water, at medium and high altitudes
  6. other

The designs of engines and energy source  are adapted in accordance with the necessary set of functions and technical task.

Bondarev flying  chair

Replacing the vertical thrust element  in the air

LTF / UTF  EVTOL  3  meters long

LTF / UTF  EVTOL  5  meters long



1) high vertical thrust and therefore - the ability to take in flight a fifty-fold and more

 supply of batteries 

2) the possibility of delivering new and replacing discharged batteries by an unmanned robots 


3) increase in vertical thrust with increasing engine speed

4) the  ability to create large power flying platforms that can provide themselves with energy from wind generation for unlimited time