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Bondarev Power Propellers

Fundamentally new technology of exessive vind generation and unmanned flights of unlimited duration

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It is based on the development of Bondarev Power Propeller, which has unique characteristics and properties.  These include:  

1) work in a horizontal position as a wind generator or supersonic aircraft  engine, in a vertical position as a non-tilting screw with high traction;  2) the actual efficiency of 70% -90% for the wind generator and 90% -100% for the engine ;  3) noiselessness and lack of infrasound;  4) unparalleled power properties (not subject to mechanical damage at high speeds since do not produce braking vortices - while adding of number of design improvements);  5) the ability to work in any climate and in any weather;  6) easy handling in flight modes, ease of implementation of unmanned vehicles;  7) the ability to work at the height of the stratosphere;  8) high profitability, low time and financial costs for launching energy and transport networks;  9) strength, reliability, durability;  10) ease of operation and controllability in unmanned mode;  11) lightness, compactness;  12) in the engine mode - the formation of super sound stream, which allows you to receive super sound speed;  13) supersonic flow is cumulative, which allows you to rely on it as a vertical support (for flying chairs, residential modules, etc.);  14) the  ability to create large power flying platforms that can provide themselves with energy from wind generation for unlimited time;  15) low cost of flying  which is comparable to road transport; 16) mass production is easily organized; 17) the propellers can be produced in a wide range of sizes from several  cm to several  meters while maintaining specific thrust per unit area; 18) the vertical thrust of the propeller grows together in the rpm of the engine; 19) other



Power supplies for flying devices based on Bondarev Power Propellers are designed environmentally friendly, fuel-free, lightweight, highly productive, economical .

Permanent magnet generators a year and a half of uninterrupted operation may be used in future  1   2   3   4

As materials, materials of a new generation are used (composite materials, whose strength exceeds the strength of steel by 10 times, specific gravity is three times lighter than water, and others).

Energy excess space for people to live & an infrastructure  of non-pilot   flying objects

A network of flying and mountain wind-dams and nonstop flying modules (residential, rescue, industrial, agro and others). One of the types of accumulation is compressed air. The system is complemented by a redundant network of pontoon hydroelectric dams.