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Flying vehicles and power plants with long and unlimited flight time

A rough minimum estimate of technological parameters and costs is given.

The costs for October 2021 are shown.

Costs values,  trust and power values may be increased.

The exact cost is determined by the terms of reference and estimate.

Onshore wind dams

For life support, water generation, heat generation, charging batteries of flying platforms

with compressed air or electricity

Propeller diameter = 1 m

Price with packaging

Power at a hight of 5364 m

Flying passenger, cargo and generating platforms

Horizontal speed range - from zero to super sonic

The duration of the platform flight is evaluative calculated based on the total carrying capacity and the average flight duration  per 30 kg of battery weight. 

For example, in the case of Jetson One eVTOL,  vehicle weight = 86 kg, maximum pilot weight = 95 kg, flight time = 20minutes. Let's assume that batteries weight is 30 kg. Sowe get that 30 kg of batteries gives 20 minutes of flight.

Since the efficiency of thrust elements on the Bondarev propellers is 2-3 times higher, the flight time of our platforms is  estimated as 2-3 times more.  

Excessive vertical thrust allows you to carry more batteries with you, which leads to longer flight times (see table below).

So for a platform of 4 vertical thrust elements and 1 horizontal thrust element, we obtain, with a passenger weight of 100 kg, a thrust reserve of 600 kg, which corresponds to the number of additional batteries (120 Kg for each thrust element), providing additional 8-12 hours of minimal flight time.  Please note that the etimate is based on the case of heavy and rapidly discarging batteries.

Additional possibilities  for increasing the minimum flight time

1. increase in reserve vertical thrust due to an increase in engine speed

2. the use of batteries of longer duration, at times

3. аpplication of lighter accumulators 

4. use of compressed air accumulators (1.5 times longer, 10 times cheaper and several times lighter then usual)

5. the use of artificial materials with increased lightness and strength

When replacing or charging batteries in the air, or with an active built in wind power function, the flight time becomes unlimited

Flying cabine and wind farm

Flying room

Air appartments with unlimited time flight

Wild nature non-pilot air taxi

Winter autonomous camp

Flying platforms in the form of rings for wind power generation - built-in power wind generation makes the flight time unlimited

Complete set of flying platforms

Automatic replacement of  thrust elements in flight
(it will not be needed with the built-in wind generation function)

The small flying platform is completely replaced, it is enough to move a passenger from the discharged platform to the charged one after docking.

For large platforms, groups of vertical thrust elements are replaced, forming a figure for stable flight. When the batteries are discharged, the holders release the group, it falls for about a second, and then flies towards the nearest power station to charge.

The departed discharged group is replaced by a newly arrived charged group.

The horizontal thrust elements, after being discharged, unfold into a vertical position, join the group of vertical thrust elements and fly away with it.


Other options (until wind power is built in) :

- the generating platform charges the transport and cargo;

- small platforms arrive to recharge to the flying wind farm recharging

Platform configurations