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Sowing, watering, plowing, fertilizer, harvesting, other - without relying on the ground,  in flight near the ground. 

Condensation of water from the air for irrigation.

Shepherd robots, flying chairs for shepherds

Construction and city services

Flying cargo and cranes, flying platforms for lifting of construction equipment and materials, flying workstations for builders

Flying chairs and platforms for maintenance of skyscrapers

Postal and courier services, cargo delivery, logistics

Drone /  UAV   parks 

Cargo and package delivery by unmanned robots

Air non-pilot taxi

Flying disk and non-pilit courier robots

The Hive Concept - a skyscraper that serves as a kind of “hive” for tens of thousands of UAVs delivering goods in a megalopolis

Or just for 

Flying non-pilot residential modules 

Another applications  for the cities  

Skyscrapers wind generation


Flying rooms and hotels

Near-earth and air cabs


Flying cars  

City air tourism 


Wild nature areas  tranport and energy supply

Out-of-town rest