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Energy surplus territories


High altitude wind generation

Wind 98%

Generating skyscrapers

The group “Innovative Research,  Energy and  Transport Systems” offers the concept and implementation of comfortable mountain settlements based on the creation of local, fuelless and unmanned energy transport complexes of a new generation.

The local energy and transport complexes of the new generation are built on the basis of a new class of materials, as well as a common structural element - Screw Bondarev - which acts as the main element of the network of green energy power plants, and also serves as the basic element of unique unmanned transport solutions.

A new generation of local energy and transport systems is distinguished by a number of advantages. 1) Low costs  2) Durability 3) Autonomy 4) Compactness 5) Mobility 4) Lightness 5) High controllability 6) Environmental friendliness 7) Safety 8) Simplicity and unhindered operation in any climate and in any weather conditions 9) Profitability

The concept of an energy-rich region with fuelless and unmanned vehicles

In the highlands, a network of wind farms is being created, operating on the basis of the world's first completely harmless (without infrasound), silent and highly productive (actual efficiency of 70% -90%) Bondarev propeller.   Highlands are an area of high-speed industrial winds, so wind energy can be considered as the basis for the infrastructure of the territory.  Each wind farm is provided with a durable, cheap and economical system of energy storage in compressed air.  Thus, the system of wind farms satisfies all possible energy needs in excess, and also gets the opportunity to accumulate and store excess energy reserves. This infrastructure is fuel-free, therefore it is not punished by fines for emissions into the atmosphere. Wind electric dams can be flying to generate electricity at even greater altitudes.

Approaches to housing and capital construction are transforming.  Rest and life of people can take place in the air, in bubble flying rooms controlled by a smartphone, which are provided with permanent magnet energy sources that have a year and a half cycle.

The model of land-based residential structures in the energy-surplus model of the territory is also being modified. It becomes possible at low costs to build autonomous climatic zones under transparent heat-shielding domed vaults (eternal summer, tropics for cold climates, snowy or cool for deserts, etc.)

The energy redundancy of the territory allows us to develop a cheap infrastructure for growing high-quality and clean plant foods in greenhouses that do not require transportation or storage (i.e. processing with preservatives). All products are consumed "from the bush", which makes it highly useful.

In addition to the network of wind farms, on the mountain rivers and streams, a network of lightweight pontoon mini-hydroelectric power stations is being created at the same time at low cost and high productivity, which also do not negatively affect the environment.

Transport is a mobile computerized network of light, highly stable, high-thrust aircraft modules and platforms operating on the Bondarev propeller.

Aircraft modules do not require runways and airfields, as take off and land vertically on any ground  with any terrain and in any weather.  Aircraft modules  can fly  1,5 years before replacing the power source. Due to the high non-tilting of the Bondarev propellers , the transport can be predominantly unmanned and can be easily controlled from the user's smartphone through a mobile application.   The control of a flying device is reduced to entering the coordinates of take-off and landing places or destinations onto a smartphone by a passenger. Such infrastructure is convenient in that it does not require the cost of construction and repair of roads, bridges and other capital structures.

Non-pilot  rescue modules are highly effective. In flight, the modules are able to freely stay at one point for a long time, which helps to dig people out from under avalanches, shoot alpinists  with an attack of mountain sickness,  etc.

Autonomous climate zone of Summer climate

 Highly productive Bio-energy complexes